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Terveisiä lumisesta Oulusta, Suomesta!

Me olemme 5B-luokka Kaakkurin koulusta, Oulusta. Olemme energinen luokka ja pidämme kaikenlaisista projekteista. Kun opettajamme Hannaleena Enbuska ehdotti, että menisimme mukaan elokuvaprojektiin ’Le Cinema Cent ans de jeunesse’, olimme innoissamme.  Aloitimme koulun jo elokuun alussa ja tämän projektin suunnittelun jo syyskuussa. Tutustuimme ensin Valveen elokuvakoulun Tommi Nevalan kanssa elokuvan tekoon yleisesti. Kun opettajamme Hannaleena ja Tommi kävivät Pantinissa, Ranskassa, aloitimme sen jälkeen tekemään harjoituksia. Ne ovat olleet todella kivoja. Olemme nyt jo suunnitelleet kevään päätöselokuvaa ja odotamme innolla, että pääsemme kuvaamaan.

Greetings from snowy Oulu, Finland!

We are class 5B from Kaakkuri school and we are very excited to be in this project.  We started the school year in August and this project we started already in September by practicing different kinds of way to make movies.  After our teacher Hannaleena and Tommi Nevala from Valve movie school came from Pantin, we started doing project exercises.  We have loved making the exercises and we have learnt a lot about making movies.  We are waiting for the start of our final movie.

Class 5B, Hannaleena and Tommi

This is us

Hello my name is Ville. I am from Finland. I spend time with my friends and computer. I like to learn new things and every new project is interesting. My favorite color is blue and aqua. Pizza is my favorite food. I am very excited about this film project.

Hello! My name is Matilda. I am 11 years old and I study in Kaakkuri school. My best friends are Hultsi and Juuti. My favourite animal is a dolphin. I like chocolate. My favourite colour is blue. I have one brother and sister. I also have two dogs and two cats. I enjoy reading. My favourite food is pizza! I was an actor and cinematographer in the film.

Hi! My name is Viivi. I am 11 years old but in July I will be 12 years old. My hobby is football. It is my favourite sport. But I like skiing, swimming, volleyball and badminton too. My school is Kaakkuri school and I have a lot of friends here and my favourite subjects are math, physical education, craft and art. Normaly after school I hanging out with my friends and i eat some snack. I love summer because I am born in summer and i love swimming. This is my blog. 🙂

Hi! My name is Iina. I am 12 years old. My hobby is football, I like football very much. It is my favorite sport. My favorite school subject is physical education. After school I usually play football. My favorite color is light blue and lilac. My favorite food is tortilla. My favorite animal is a dog. I don´t have a pet but I would like to have one. My best friend is Viivi, she is also my neighbor. It is very fun. My favorite time of the year is summer because I like swimming. The name of my school is Kaakkuri school. This is my blog, bye!

Hello! My name is Lotta. I am 11 years old. My favorite colour is white and blue. I play baseball and floorball. I am from Kaakkuri school.My family includes mother, father and my brother Rasmus. Noora, Sofie, Amelie, Lyydie and Marie also live with my father. Me and Rasmus live with my mother. My favorite subject at school is physical education. I like my class. My class is nice and the best. Good bye

Hello! My name is Noel. I like football. My friends are Mayar,Ville and oliver. In my free time I meet my friends and train football. My favorite game is Fifa and Minecraft.My class is very nice and funny. Good bye!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Ahmed, j’ai 13 ans. J’aime le basket-ball. Ma couleur préférée est le noir et le blanc. J’aime le piano et la batterie. Je parle arabe, français, anglais et finnois.

My name is Hulda, but my nickname is Hultsi. I’m 11 years old and I study in Kaakkuri school. I have two best friends, Matilda and Judith. My hobbies are drawing, singing and listening music. My favorite food is sushi. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I have a one little sister and two little brothers. My favorite school subjects are English, art and music. I’m the director in our film. I have a one black cat and it’s really lazy.

Hi! My name is Judith I am 11 years old and I love Art, friends,animals, music and my family. My best friends are Hulda, Matilda and Aada. My favorite school subject is English.I am happy that our film made it to that competition.A few more things about me.My favorite colors are pink, green, black and white.I play the piano and I love different styles.In my free time I meet my friends.I have mom, dad, one little brother and one little sister.My favorite animals are cats, dogs and hamsters. By the way, i like snakes.

Hello! My name is Aada. And I am 12 years old and I like to dance. My favorite color is green,black and orange. I live in Finland and I am in Kaakkuri school I am in 5B grade and we are making movies and it is so much fun . My best friend is Judith but her nickname is Juuti and she is the best person in the world.My favorite school subject is art,math and English. My hobby is street dance. I have little brother and my lovely mom. And I like dogs.

Hi! My name is Rasmus. I am 12 years old. My hobby is kickboxing. My favorite food is pizza. I live in Oulu, Finland. My favorite season is summer and winter. I have a quad bike. Our cottage is in Oulunjärvi. It is my favorite place in the world. I have two siblings.

Hi! My name is Oliver. I like floorball and ice hockey. I have two brothers and two sisters. My best friends is Elmeri. My fafourite food is pizza. I am 11 years old. My favorite school subject is sport.

Hello my name is Mayar. I am from Syria but i live in Finland. I like making films and having fun wiht friends. We all like the idea of making films. I wish you have a good day.

Hi, my name is Lilja. I´m 12 years old, I like to draw a lot. My favourite is a pencil and I like to paint as well. We don´t have any pets at home, but I really want a cat. Sometimes I play the piano alone or with my dad. I have two siblings, I have one older sister and one younger sister, I´m the middle one. When I was younger I played football and swam But now I don´t have a hobby, but I draw at home when I want to. Sometimes I also bake when I´m at home alone or with someone. In the summer I like to play volleyball too with my sister.

Hello!My name is Topi. I’m 11 years old. I’m in Kaakkuri school. I play ice hockey. My class is awesome! My friends are Rasmus, Taro, and Kasper.My family members are my mom, my dad, my four brothers, and my dog. My favourite animal is dog and I like ice hockey and sports. I play videogames and I learn English from them.

Hi! My name is Taro. I like swimming and ping pong. My favourite thing in school is English and swimming week. I live with my mom,dad,sister,brother and dog. I like to play videogames and I learn english from them. My best friends are Topi and Rasmus.

Hi my name is Anni. I am 11 years old.I enjoy horse riding. I have a dog, a cat, a hamster.My favorite colors are black and white. I like spending time with my best friend.My favorite animal is a horse.

Hi my name is Minttu. Iam 12 years old. I have one dog and two leopard geckos. My favorite colors are black and purple. I like spending time with my best friend. My family has a mother and father an older brother and a younger brother.

Hi, my name is Nadia. I´m 12 years old, I like animals a lot. My favourite is a dog and I like to paint as well. We have a dog at home, but I really want a cat. Sometimes I play the piano alone or with my mom. I have three siblings, I have one older sister and two younger sisters, I´m the middle one. When I was younger I played floorball, I swam and danced. But now I don´t have a hobby, but I draw at home when I want to. My hobby is riding but I’d like to dance.

Hi! I’m Kalle! I’m a 12-year-old guy from Finland. In my free time I watch TV, play video games, code and I spend time with my friends or family. I love playing video games and watching movies. I also love to be social. I have dreamed of making a movie and now my dream is coming true so thank you for this chance Le Cinema, cent ans de jeunesse!

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